Vacation Planning Tips and the Big Letdown of Returning Home


What fun to be going on vacation, planning everything using all the tips you got from the stacks of travel books checked out from the library. Sometimes I think half the fun of going on vacation is the anticipation of all the fun you are going to have, and just getting out of your regular routine.

But alas, all too soon you find yourself arriving back home. It's very normal to feel a little blue at this time, but there are a few things you can do to help yourself.

First, before you even go, do your best to schedule some days off work after you return home. The very worst thing to do is arrive home on a Sunday night and have to head back into the office Monday morning. What I usually do is schedule a full week off after I get home and I'll plan some fun things to do around where I live, and also some days to relax. That helps quite a bit, and you won't find yourself dreading to come back home so much. But even if you are unable to schedule a full week off, at least try for a few days. It really makes things a lot easier.

If you took a lot of pictures and movies, get them developed right away or print them out from your digital camera and relive the memories of your trip through your photos. If you can, get together with a friend to show them your pictures.

If you bought something new, plan to wear that new outfit to work on your first day back just go give yourself a lift.

Schedule lunch or dinner with friends so you can show off your photos. If you brought back some souvenirs for them, giving them these little gifts will uplift your spirits.

Start planning your next vacation! That is another thing that always helps me avoid the blah feeling when returning home. I just jump right in and start planning the next trip. And while you're at it, be sure to write down a note to yourself about all the things you packed in your suitcase and didn't use so that next time you might remember! Well, don't worry, that never works for me either.

If you use these vacation planning tips you can head off the end-of-vacation blues after your next family trip.

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