Places to Go on Vacation - Rome Is for Romance


Looking for new places to go on vacation? How about a trip to Rome, Italy? Whether you are visiting Rome with someone special for a romantic getaway or just simply going for a unique family vacation, here are a few tips to help you along the way once you arrive.

Rome is a great place to check out some spectacular museums, but don't forget to always check the times locally for museum hours. The hours vary and may change with the seasons. Also remember that sightseeing in churches during certain religious rites is often discouraged.

While out and about in the city, keep an eye out for purse snatchers. This is different from a pickpocket. Purse snatchers often work in teams on a single motor scooter. One drives a scooter while another member of the team grabs your purse. So keep a close eye out.

In addition to purse snatchers, beware of pickpockets, especially on buses.

Make sure you have a good map showing all street names and routes. If you get lost, signs are posted on many corners pointing you in the right direction for the nearest major landmark. However, don't count on finding a sign on every street corner if you're exploring in the residential neighborhoods.

When dining in restaurants, the bill will not be brought to your table until you ask for it. So when you're ready to leave, just ask for the bill. Unless it is otherwise written on the menu, the tip is included. However, in most places, it is customary to leave an additional 5% to 10% tip for the waiter if you have received excellent service.

Keep in mind there are often dress codes when visiting places like Basilica di San Pietro and the Musei Vaticani. It is not too strict, but don't wear things like tank tops, shorts, or halter tops. In some places women will be refused admittance if they don't carry a scarf or shawl to cover their bare arms.

For the romantics, Rome has plenty of beautiful and romance-filled lanes, restaurants, and parks. Try escaping the crowds down the quaint medieval lanes leading from the busy squares. There are a host of pretty corners where you can escape the major tourist crowds. Strolling along these lanes hand in hand is quite a romantic experience in itself, but you can add even more to the experience by visiting some of the smaller bars and restaurants you'll find here that cater to locals as well as tourists.

If you're looking for great new places to go on vacation and wonderful new cities to explore, Rome is truly a great choice.

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