Orlando Disney Vacation Information - Magic Kingdom Insider Tips


As a long-time Central Florida resident of more than 35 years, I have visited the Magic Kingdom countless times. If you are planning an Orlando Disney vacation and need information, enjoy these Magic Kingdom insider tips.

If you are going to visit the park during a busy time of the year, try to get to the park early. A lot can be done in that first 90-minute time period. Rides are usually walk-on or at most about 10 minutes. It is amazing how many rides you can go through in that first hour and a half after opening. So it pays to get up early, have your breakfast, and be at the gates right at opening. You should probably try to visit Fantasyland first if you have young children, as these rides tend to get crowded rather quickly.

Try to ride all the mountains early. These are Space mountain, Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain. The lines on these will invariably get long later on.

The quickest and easiest way to get to Splash Mountain in the morning is to ride the train from Main Street Station to Frontierland Station which is right at Splash Mountain. It sure beats running across the park! So head to the train station immediately upon arriving if your goal is this neat ride.

As you go through the castle, you can easily miss Cinderella's wishing well. Throw a coin into this fountain. There is a surprise special effect. To find it, you can go through to the back of the castle and then turn right and take the hidden path that leads you from the back of the castle to the Tomorrowland walkway near Cosmic Ray's. (By the way, I love to eat at Cosmic Ray's....the chicken and mashed potatoes are excellent.)

Here's a fun tip for the Haunted Mansion. Look for the wedding ring in the cement.

Getting bored while waiting for the train at the Main Street Station? Put a quarter into the Antique Music Box located in the waiting room to hear a some tunes. Or put a coin into some of the other machines scattered around the station and you can view a short movie.

Around dusk, take a walk through the All American Rose Garden outside the Castle. It is a bit off the beaten path but you will be treated to beautiful views of the castle and the wonderful smell of roses all around you. Now and again you will even see a duck family among the flowers.

When visiting Minnie's house, be sure to check out the appliances and take a good look around. It holds a few secrets if you look carefully.

Ride Space Mountain if the line is inside the building. If the line is outside, come back later. An Orlando Disney vacation will go downhill fast if you spend all day waiting in lines. That information is indisputable.


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