Fun Family Vacation Ideas - 6 Cool Tunnels to Check Out When Planning a Road Trip


Whether you are thinking about just a weekend getaway or a 2-week marathon vacation or road trip, there are many fun family vacation ideas if you do a little research. I really love tunnels and thinking about all the work and engineering that goes into them, some are truly amazing. I just find them very interesting in general, and I've put together a few ideas of where you can see some pretty cool tunnels if you happen to be traveling nearby.

1. The Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel in Virginia is 3-1/2 miles long and is the crossing for Interstate 64. It is an engineering milestone as it was actually the first underwater tunnel connected to man-made islands. I used to travel this tunnel with my parents when I was a small child. It was kind of scary to think of being surrounded by water like that.

2. The Eisenhower Memorial Tunnel is west of Denver, Colorado, on Interstate 70. It is the highest vehicular tunnel in the world at 11,013 feet at the East Portal and 11,158 feet at the West Portal.

3. The Green River Tunnel in Wyoming is not an extremely long tunnel but wow, it is an amazing sight comparing the size of the road to the sheer huge size of the mountain it goes through. The road just looks insignificant in comparison.

4. The Chesapeake Bay-Bridge Tunnel in Virginia was selected as one of the seven engineering wonders of the modern world soon after its opening. Total length including approach roads is 23 miles.

5. At the Zion National Park in Utah you can find the Zion-Mt. Carmel tunnel which is at the east entrance to the park. As the road tunnels through the sheer stone and rock of the canyon wall, you can get a glimpse of the breathtaking views through windows carved into the mountainside. Amazing tunnel.

6. Wawona Tunnel in Yosemite National Park. At the end you emerge to see the Yosemite Valley, a view that is truly stunning.

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