Family Vacation to Hawaii - What's Hot on The Big Island? Try These 7 Interesting Places to Explore!


Hawaii is called The Big Island, and there is big fun to be had on a family vacation to Hawaii. Here are some not-to-be-missed Hawaiian destinations.

Waipio Valley. This state seems to have panoramic vistas around every corner, so it can be easy to miss the breath-taking views across Waipio Valley. Located along the Hamakua Coast on the northeastern coast, this is the largest of the 7 valleys on the windward side of the Kohala Mountains. This is nature at its finest, having carved, over time, this massive valley filled with amazing cliffs and spectacularly beautiful waterfalls. The road down to the valley is very steep and narrow, and driving is not encouraged (and certainly not without 4-wheel drive), but walking and hiking are great alternatives.

Akaka Falls State Park. Amid a setting of tropical foliage and flowers, just a mere 20-minute drive from Hilo, you will find the gorgeous Akaka Falls which plunges a sheer 442 feet down black volcanic rock. As a bonus you'll also enjoy the neighboring Kahuna Falls which tumbles about 100 feet. The falls are best viewed in the morning around 8 to 10 a.m. when the sun will hit them exactly right. If you arrive too late or too early, you'll find the falls to be in complete or partial shade which will make taking a great picture (which of course you must do( difficult. For the absolute best photographs of the falls, take your photos on a cloudy day when no sun is directly hitting anywhere on the falls.

Kaimu Black Sand Beach. There are many other black sand beaches in Hawaii, but Kaimu, a shimmering obsidian sand beach, is very picturesque and is probably the most impressive. It may also be the blackest, and if you walk along the beach you may want to wash your feet before getting back in your car to resume your trip. Bring your camera of course.

Crater Rim Drive. This is an 11-mile road that circles the edge of the Kilauea Caldera (large pit crater) in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Scenic vistas and hiking abound! If you are visiting this national park and can only do one thing, choose this scenic drive and you can't go wrong. Depending on how many times you stop, this tour can take between one and three hours to complete. This is definitely a drive well worth making if you have the time in your itinerary.

Hiilawe Falls. Located along the Hamakua Coast, this is the most famous waterfall in Waipio Valley. It is also the tallest of all falls in the state, one of the tallest in the entire world, and plunges over 1000 feet. This waterfall shares the same cliff as the Hakalaoa Falls which is currently dry. You can see this amazing spot by helicopter, a very popular way of viewing the falls, or by hiking or riding down (4-wheel drive) to the floor of the valley. I would call this one of the do-not-miss spots of your family vacation to Hawaii!

Hilo. Located on the Hilo Bay, this charming historic city is the island's largest city and boasts beautiful orchid gardens, quaint shops, open-air markets, parks, museums, festivals, fairs, farmer's markets, and many more interesting places to visit. This is known as the wettest city in the US, and is always lush, green, and pretty.

Kamuela Museum. This family-owned museum and popular tourist attraction looks like someone's home! It is a privately-owned museum and contains a delightful assortment of items collected over many years. This museum is full of Hawaiian artifacts and is well worth a visit.

Add these interesting and scenic stops to your family's next vacation to Hawaii and don't forget your camera for some spectacular photo memories!

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