Denver Travel Tips - 15 Reasons Not to Visit or Move There!


Normally you find articles will only list all the positive Denver travel tips, and all the reasons you SHOULD visit this city. And really there are many, it's a great city. But I've decided to do the opposite here. Most people have heard all the grand accolades for this city, so here is a list of reasons why you actually may not want to visit or move to Denver, Colorado.

1. Air quality can be bad, and is an issue for everyone. So this is a concern if you have asthma or other respiratory difficulties.

2. Altitude affects everyone. Cooking takes longer than usual. If you do a lot of baking, this could be an issue.

3. It is very very dry. This can cause some skin problems.

4. The sun can be extreme.

5. Food must be trucked in from other areas. Produce quality is not the greatest.

6. Want to jaunt to another large city nearby? The nearest is about 450 miles away, Albuquerque.

7. It can snow from September to June, which is a pretty long time. Make sure you like snow.

8. Not a terribly cosmopolitan city.

9. No beaches or large bodies of water. If you love water recreation, Denver is not the place for you.

10. Traffic is quite bad.

11. Not a lot of trees. This could be disconcerting if you are coming from a locale where you are accustomed to big, bushy, green trees.

12. Bad roads. Potholes and cracks abound.

13. Population density. This is a pretty congested area.

14. There is a lack of good public transportation.

15. The job market can be competitive. You may need to have some savings to fall back on while you job hunt.

Despite the negative Denver travel tips here, many people love this city, so obviously it has a plethora of redeeming qualities. So if you are considering a visit or a move to Denver, Colorado, be sure to consider the negatives in addition to the many positives you will find in most articles.

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