Cheap Vacation Spots - Favorite Honeymoon Spots!



 Are you getting married soon? Trying to decide where to go for your honeymoon?

In this article I will provide some tips on how to travel cheap, and also a list of some all-time favorite honeymoon locations.

Here's a tip for getting a cheaper airfare price even if you have already bought your ticket in advance. The airlines change their fares 3 times a day. If you have already booked your ticket online then you should keep checking the price for your flight. After two months of your booking, if you happen to notice the same flight you booked is cheaper, call the airline and get a voucher for the ticket difference. Many people wait until the last minute to get their tickets. What you need to do is book early and keep an eye on the prices.

Also, if you want discounted airfare prices, try Southwest or JetBlue. Call directly to the airline or check their websites for deals.

Even if you usually stick with one particular airline, shop around for deals at other airlines. It might be worth it to find a great deal with a different carrier.

Another tip. Airlines usually reload their computers at midnight, so as soon after that as possible is a good time to shop online for low-cost seats that people might have reserved but not paid for yet. Give it a try.

So those are some tips on cheap travel ideas for different airlines. Now, before you even start to search for those great deals, you need to have somewhere to go! I've put together a list of some great honeymoon destinations to choose from (and then you can start looking for your awesome deals!).

- Coastal Maine

- Carmel, California

- Vancouver Island (Tofino in particular)

- Gulf Island, Mexico (especially the "undiscovered" areas)

- Prague

- Tuscany

- Northern Spain

- Ireland

- Costa Rica

- South Africa (The Wine Road)

- The Galapagos Islands

- Sweden

- Amelia Island, Florida

- Amalfi Coast, Italy

- Corsica (A beautiful island off the coast of France)

Wherever you choose to go, keep in mind the  cheap vacation ideas and tips and you will have plenty of money leftover to enjoy your honeymoon.