Cheap Vacation Ideas - Tips for Finding Low Airfare



Do you love to travel? I do too, and I am always looking for new and cheap vacation ideas, or how to travel "frugally" you might say. I prefer to spend my money on other things rather than spending a bundle on airfare just to get to my destination. I bet you would too. So I have gathered together a few tips to help all of us "thrifty" travelers.

- If you are planning on flying into Washington DC, be sure to check out prices for flights to Baltimore instead, as these flights are almost always less expensive.

- If you are not traveling internationally, consider flying on one of the subsidiary airlines for the major carriers (such as Delta Express), as you will usually save money this way.

- Be sure to use the Internet to check out last-minute discounted fares on the airline's website. Start looking Wednesday for the upcoming weekend.

- Cheap travel and smart travel? Be patient and wait for a good price to come up. However, when you do see a great price go ahead and grab it.

- Try to be flexible with your leaving and return dates. Sometimes if you just adjust your dates by one day you can get a better price. For example, leave Thursday and return Monday instead of leaving Friday and returning Sunday.

- If possible, book your tickets directly at the airline's website. If you use a travel agency, even one online, they will charge you an additional fee. It will also be easier to correct any problems if you are dealing directly with the airline itself instead of a travel agency.

- Mornings are sometimes the best time to check for tickets, and Saturday and Wednesday mornings are good days to take a look for some great prices.

For everyone looking for hints on cheap travel, these tips should give you a start. Don't forget to sign up for frequent flyer miles; it is surprising how often people don't take advantage of this perk.