Cheap Vacation Ideas - Orlando Florida Theme Parks


Enjoying a theme park is an oxymoron to some people. I know this because some of my friends just hate them. I personally love theme parks of all sorts, so if you are looking for cheap vacation ideas and tips for Orlando theme parks, read on for some input that may be of value.

First, make sure that all parties in your group have a working cell phone. It's easy to get lost! These places are quite large and can be confusing if you have never been before. Then again I have been to the theme parks many many times and I still get lost. If some members of your group do not have a mobile phone, it is a wise investment to purchase a set of walkie-talkies. This is especially good for small children. You need a way to keep up with each other. It also works well for splitting up to visit different areas of the parks.

You'll see a lot of folks toting backpacks around. Wondering what they are carrying? Most likely food and snacks for the kids (and adults too for that matter). Why? Food is outrageous at most of the theme parks so bring along something to snack on throughout the day and then eat at an off-park restaurant for dinner. As far as cheap travel Orlando tips, that one will save you quite a bit. Another tip, if your room has a small refrigerator, consider keeping some snacks in there along with any leftovers from your meals. You can stop in at the hotel room for a quick bite to eat and replenish your energy in the middle of the day.

Most of the area water parks have picnic areas and allow coolers. So a cheap travel Orlando tip for these themed water parks would be simply to bring along a cooler full of food for the day. Another tip is to arrive later in the day as many parks offer a discount for arriving after the peak hours. And as a benefit, you can avoid some crowds and the heat.

Don't waste your time stopping at every roadside T-shirt-selling tourist trap along the way when heading out to the parks in the morning. These cheap souvenirs are liable to break or tear up before they even make it back home with you. Save your money and opt for one single well-made souvenir from one of the theme parks instead. Disney has some nice stores, especially Epcot. You can shop to your heart's content.

Don't forget these cheap vacation ideas and tips next time you are planning a theme park trip to Florida.