Cheap Travel Ideas - 7 Tips To Save Money On Your Cedar Point Vacation


I don't know about you but I love theme parks and roller coasters. I live in Florida but my favorite roller coasters are located in Sandusky, Ohio, at Cedar Point. Here are a few cheap travel ideas and tips for Cedar Point.

1. First, before you even go, call 1-800-BEST-FUN for coupons and brochures. There are some really good discounts in this package, so make sure you get this before your trip.

2. Look online for travel guides for Ohio. These will invariably contain discount coupons.

3. For ticket savings, be sure to show your AAA card. Often there are deals where you can find savings on soda cans so call and check on that so you can be prepared. Local stores often sell discounted tickets, try Meijer.

4. Cheap travel tips and save money on food? Leave the park to eat and return later. There are lots of inexpensive restaurants located in Sandusky such as Perkins and such family-type restaurants where you can get great deals such as kids eat for free. Look at the signage as you drive past and check for such deals.

5. There are a couple of amusement areas in Sandusky where you can pay a small fee and stay all day and ride Go-Karts, play mini golf, etc. This is great for a change of pace.

6. If you don't want to stay all day, buy a Starlight ticket in the evening and save money. There are generally less crowds to worry about too so the lines for the roller coasters will be shorter.

7. Check eBay for discounted tickets. Sometimes you can get lucky and strike gold there with someone selling off their unwanted tickets.

How to travel cheap at Cedar Point is not too difficult with a little extra research before you head to Ohio. Be sure and ride Millennium Force, my favorite roller coaster of all!