Airline Travel Tips - Getting Bumped Can be a Plus and Other Tips!


The anticipation of a vacation is part of its charm, and most people have experienced the excitement of heading to the airport at the start of your trip. Keep these airline travel tips in mind on your next trip and all will go well.

Arrive early. I can't stress this enough, as it is amazing how many people miss their flights on a daily basis. My guess is most people are a little too optimistic about how long it will take them to check in, go through security, find their gate, etc. I prefer to arrive very early and have time to savor the beginning of my vacation and also do a little browsing and shopping in the airport shops.

Don't forget your paperwork! This includes your passport, tickets, and some type of government-issued photo ID. Don't leave home without these items.

It's always a possibility that you may get bumped from your flight. If you don't mind, this could actually be to your advantage because if you are ousted from your seat the airline is required to pay you a compensation be it in the form of free tickets, frequent flyer miles, a bonus of some sort, cash, or seating upgrades. So it's not always a bad thing and could quite possibly be very good! However, if you absolutely cannot delay and you really want to make sure this doesn't happen to you, the best thing to do is to check in from the comfort of your computer at home. This pretty much assures you are going to keep your seat. At the very least, check in as soon as you arrive (and of course, you have arrived early!).

If you can't make your flight, call your travel agent or the airline as early as possible to let them know. Unfortunately, there will almost always be a fee to pay. When you first book your ticket, if you think there is the slightest chance you may not be able to make it, don't opt for the special saver deals because they often have the highest fees if you need to change anything later.

Lost your ticket? No problem. On my last trip my son lost his ticket in between walking from the baggage check-in over to the gate. We simply walked up to the counter and asked them to reprint the ticket, which they did without a hassle.

The days of good meals on the plane are pretty much gone if they ever existed at all. Airlines have cut food service in order to cut costs due to rising fuel prices, and you are therefore going to have less choices. On a shorter flight, you will be lucky to get a pack of peanuts or pretzels and a beverage service. On longer flights you may be able to get a meal but you normally have to pay extra. It's a good idea to pack along a few snacks to tide you over.

Use these airline travel tips to make your next flight go as smooth as possible.