Air Travel Tips For Children - Tips For Traveling With Kids


Dress the kids in comfortable clothes. Even if you are going to visit grandma and you want to impress her with your very best outfits, just carry these in your carry-on luggage and change after you arrive. It makes for a much less stressful trip if everyone is comfortable.

Don't forget to bring along an extra sweater or jacket as airplanes and airports can be cold. You may encounter an unexpected delay, better to be prepared. If you get stuck in an airport without a jacket and it is unusually cold, just purchase a sweatshirt in the gift shop. As you board the plane, grab pillows and blankets. They sometimes run short. Better yet, bring a travel blanket and pillow along if you have some space in your carry-on.

Make sure your kids realize that the "bumps" they will feel in the air are normal and nothing to get upset over. For more air travel tips, children find the prospect of flying very exciting, so you can add some fun to the week before by counting down to the day of the trip using a calendar.

Bring a few toys and/or books to keep your child occupied during the flight. If you have an iPod you can download audio books at places like and let them listen to a story during the flight. If you buy the unabridged versions these can be long enough to last the entire trip!

Chewing some gum can help with the pressure build-up in the ears. Try to arrange nonstop flights if possible. Things can get hectic trying to get yourself and your kids off one plane and onto another. And a long layover will create boredom. Air travel with children doesn't have to be stressful, just follow these vacation traval tips and plan ahead, and you can have a safe and easy trip.

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